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I have multiple questions about Click2Sell services that need clarifying: 1. Do I use Click2Sell as my merchant account replacement? 2. Can this system be accessed and used by a telemarketing firm? 3. The fees stated – are these the fees for the actions to occur? 4. We have a very desired electronic ‘weekly’ stock review process and the largest direct marketers in the states are looking for us to provide the transaction process. Is this that solution? The numbers based upon testing could be over 50K separate transactions daily. Is your system the solution we seek to accomodate the business sales?

Hello Robert,

Please let me answer all your questions about click2sell services one by one.

1) Currently Click2Sell is not a replacement for merchant accounts. In order to work with Click2Sell, you need to have PayPal, Moneybookers, Worldpay, or/and Google Checkout merchant account(s). Real transactions will happen directly into your merchant account, but Click2Sell will coordinate the process and ease your sales management.

2) We do not put any prohibitions, so if you find Click2Sell useful and suitable for your business, there won’t be any restrictions. Please specify what did you have in mind by saying “be accessed”, so I could help you more in this question.

3) Yes, you will pay only for actual transactions. If you don’t make any sale, you won’t pay anything. In the beginning of every month you will receive an invoice to pay your fees for sales made in the whole previous month.

4) Currently no merchant in our system sustains such number consistently, so it’s difficult to say. Theoretically, the system’s architecture doesn’t have any hard or soft cap of transactions/day, everything depends on hardware. We frequently monitor the load on servers and if there would be any need to increase the performance due to heavy loads, we would act quickly.

I hope I have explained everything clearly enough. Please let me know if you have more questions or need further explanations about Click2Sell services!

Vytis Vyskupaitis
Click2Sell.EU – Innovative Affiliate Marketing Network

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