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Affialiate Payment Questions, etc


Are we responsible for any reason beyond just paying affiliates their commission as a business? Am I responsible for reporting taxes in each state (because having an affiliate that has physical presence in a specific state deems me as conducting business there), Please advise. Thank you! If I get a direct sale (direct customer without having gone through an affiliate), even though it is through the click2sell payment button, will I be charged the commission fee? I know that sounds crazy, but I had an original Paypal button on my site before I tried this. OR should I create two checkout pages and have one just as a regular paypal button and a unique one for Click2Sell customers only?


thanks for contacting us!

Tax matters are up to you. We do not require you to do anything there, but you may want to consult with your local tax agency regarding your payments.

Our fees are applied on all transactions, regardless of how they were made.

Please understand that Click2Sell buy buttons gather your website’s traffic statistics every day (you can analyze it in “Reports” section). It can help you to understand how you could improve your business. There are completely no other fees at all. If you won’t sell anything, you won’t pay anything. Please, visit Click2Sell fees page for more details.

If you want, you can have two different checkout pages, however, you must ensure that visitors who were referred by your affiliates couldn’t find regular PayPal button in any way. Otherwise it will result in many “leaked” sales for your potential affiliates and it will reduce your product’s appeal to them.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough. If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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