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How much will I pay for receiving an affiliate commission?


hello sir,
i am new affiliate of your website.i wish to promote the new product ‘Global Net Jobs Ebook’ under category of money and employment which is added to your database on 5/12/2008 and which pays 7usd commission.i wish to know that afteryour payment processor fees finally how much usd/sale i get of above product?

please reply

Dear N. Sendil,

Thank you for your question regarding this product. You will get 7 USD for making a sale of this product. The fee you will pay depends on where you will receive your commission. Actually, the payment will be sent for 7 USD while your Paypal or Moneybookers account will take a certain fee (it depends on your account). Anyway, you will receive only a bit smaller payment for promoting this product.


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