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Skip click2sell checkout page



I am the webdesigner. I am currently setting up their affiliate program, and have ticked the box in the edit product settings box to ‘Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page’. I want my payment button to go straight to paypal, as the only choice in the control panel.
I have tried to test buy, but am seeing the Secure check out form from click2sell., so obviously the control panel is not reading my ticked box!

Can you mend it please.

Secondly the postage is included in the price, so I have added 0.00 to the obligatory field. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your questions about Click2Sell.EU and how it all works. Now I would like to answer all your questions and explain how you can make our system work for your benefit. I have just checked your product and noticed that your product is ‘material’. Because of this, this ‘Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page’ feature doesn’t work. All material products require order shipping information, because of this, such ‘skip to checkout page’ feature is disabled for material products.

Test purchase allows you to test the whole purchase procedure – how it all works, how customer is redirected, etc.

Regarding the shipping cost: alright, you can set it to be 0.00 and our system won’t change any additional shipping charges.

Michelle, if you really want to have this ‘Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page’ feature working, you can simply change your product’s type from material to downloadable and then this feature will work without any problems. You can do this by navigating to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings (click on your product) –> Configure Basic Settings –> STEP1. If the system does not allow you to change the product’s type, simply just re-create your product as a downloadable.

I guess I have answered all your questions. If you need some more help setting up your product on Click2Sell.EU, please, let me know. I will personally help you out.


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