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General Enquiry!


Hi, I am new here and I registered as an Affiliate for now. I was wondering if you could be kind enough to answer a couple of questions for me: 1) When browsing through the market place, should I promote the products by Conversion (Conv.%) or by Affiliate Sales percentage and popularity. Sorry if I appear stupid, but what does the Conversion actually mean? 2) Will I be paid through PayPal if I make sales, and if so, when will I get paid for the sales I make, and who by?. Kind Regards

Dear Damon,

Thank you for contacting us. Now I would like to answer all your questions one by one:
1) You should promote those products which are on the first few pages of the Marketplace. Those products sell the best and are good for your promotions. Don’t pay attention to conversion rates because they are not accurate.
2) Yes, you will be paid through Paypal when you make sales. For all sales you make this October, you will be paid from the 1st until the 22nd of November. Merchants will pay you directly to your Paypal account.

I hope this answers all your questions. If you have any more questions, just let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

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