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Even though Click2Sell aims to be a perfect all-in-one e-commerce solution, excellence can’t be achieved overnight. We continue to work very hard to provide you the best possible system in the Internet business area and it is only the matter of time when we will achieve that goal. But for now it wouldn’t be wise to reject mature and well-tried products which are leaders in their niches and complement with Click2Sell system. We listened to your requests and worked with several very well known software developers.

We would like to present you the first collaboration result: DLGuard solution! We worked with Sam Stephens to make sure that this software would be 100% compatible with Click2Sell.

Please take a look on DLGuard. We strongly recommend using it!


DLGuard is a powerful and easy to use script that you simply upload to your website and then rest assured that your internet business is not only safe, but also much easier to manage, automating the tasks you just don’t have the time for.

DLGuard protects your products from the most common forms of theft:

  • Download link sharing: 
    Each download link can have an expiring time limit as well as a maximum number of download attempts. This means that you can give your customer, for example, 2 hours to download your product with a maximum of 3 download attempts. Even if your customer posted their own real download link on a public forum, the link would become useless before real damage is done.
  • Insecure thank-you / download pages:
    A common form of "hacking" is by simply searching for insecure download pages via popular search engines. The term hacking is used loosely, as there is no skill in searching for insecure download pages, but the effect can still be devastating.
    With DLGuard, even if the whole world knows the URL of your thank-you page, they won’t be able to download your products.

Automatic auto-responder Sign-up

DLGuard can also help you with auto-responder tasks. Marketing tests and successful business owners tell us time and again that to maximize profits you need to create a loyal customer list. This can be difficult or uneconomical by using customer signup forms as a large percentage of your customers won’t signup. First you need to convince them to buy your product, and then you need to convince them to signup to your mailing list?

DLGuard fixes this problem by automatically adding your customers to your mailing list after a sale is made. No more manual submissions, no more annoying your customers by asking them to jump through hoops. Use only easy, instant and invisible auto-responder signup.

Customer Tracking and Reporting

Who has downloaded your product? And how many times have they downloaded it? DLGuard will track each of your customers download attempts. Simply search for your customers name, email address or receipt number and DLGuard will show you how many times that customer has attempted to download your products and bonus products. View a customer’s information and download attempts. Reset timers, download counts, resend download emails, and more from this screen. Overall reports can be produced as a total, or per month.

DLGuard has a lot more features and options. You are welcome to visit DLGuard website to find out more great aspects of this premier sales protection system.

As we said before, this product is among the first quality software/services that directly support Click2Sell. We will be working relentlessly to make Click2Sell friendly with many different tools that are popular among marketers and sellers. Click2Sell has to be known not only for innovations, but for convenience to use with other tools as well.

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  1. Cal Said,

    February 26, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    Sounds great. I don’t own DLGuard but it sure looks like a powerful piece of software.

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