New Feature 3: Click2Sell Checkout Page Skip

There is one very known truth: once you persuade a person to buy your product, make sure that he/she could pay you as soon as possible. You have to show your potential buyer a purchase form while he/she is still "hot" and full of desire to buy.

Many merchants strive to make sure that once a visitor clicks on "Order Product Now!" link/button, the next page he/she see would be an order form where the buyer could enter all necessary data to make a purchase.

So ideally customers have to click just once in order to be able to make a purchase.


Reality is quite different. In many other networks and shopping cart solutions it is common that after clicking "Order Now!" link/button a buyer is then redirected to the network’s or cart provider’s checkout page. Then the buyer is once again redirected to payment processor checkout page where he/she can finally make a purchase. So people have to go through several steps and pages in order to purchase something.

Most of people wouldn’t think it is a problem. Well, logically thinking it would seem that every customer who clicks on ‘buy now’ button intends to ‘complete’ the purchase procedure. However, the reality shows that even though many people click on that buy now button, some of them still abandon the ‘checkout’ page without any apparent reason.

This means that the MORE steps your customer needs to take in order to complete the purchase, the MORE chances that he/she won’t order the product.

Of course, it’s not a business killing issue. But you know, every additional step/page/click/thing increases a risk that a "not-so-sure-about-buying" person would stop and just leave the product’s checkout page without buying your product.

These extra clicks/steps look especially unnecessary when you compare content of network’s/cart’s order page and payment processors checkout page. Basically they both provide the same information: seller’s name, product’s name, product description, its price and so on.

Imagine yourself in buyer’s shoes: doesn’t it look silly when you click on "Order Now!" link in a sales-page, you’re taken to an order page on other website where you can read all the information about the product and seller and then you are once again taken to yet another checkout page where you can read almost identical information like in the previous page?

This is especially important when the merchant offers only one payment processor for their customers to pay, e.g. Paypal. The customer clicks on buy now button, he’s redirected to Click2Sell.EU checkout page where merchant doesn’t gather any additional information from buyer and offers ONLY one payment option on that page – Paypal. So customer must click once again on "Buy now!" button to pay for the product and complete the purchase.

Of course, if a merchant decides to gather additional information about his/her buyers and/or offers more than one payment option (e.g. direct credit card payment + Paypal), then this Click2Sell.EU checkout page is required as customers have more options to pay.

But for those merchants who accept only Paypal or Moneybookers and don’t gather any additional information from their buyers, these additional steps don’t do any good.

To get rid of this little nonsense we made an additional option called "Click2Sell checkout skip" in product’s configuration.
It allows you to let your customers jump over Click2Sell checkout page directly to PayPal, Google Checkout or Moneybookers checkout pages, if there is no input required from customers in Click2Sell checkout page OR only the one payment processor is offered to pay.

This option won’t work for merchants who use or Worldpay merchant accounts to accept direct credit card payments. Why? It’s because all credit card transactions are handled via Click2Sell.EU checkout page and all information is passed to or Worldpay to verify the payment, moreover both of these payment gateways work in a ‘background’ mode.

Now… Once you turn on this ‘skip checkout page’ option, your customer will be brought directly to true checkout form where they can make a payment for your product. With just one click!

This change is beneficial not only for your customers. It gives your website a feeling that you accept payments directly: if someone would click on "Order Now", he/she could instantly make a payment for your product. But the greatest thing is that all your affiliates will be credited for making sales for you. So better for your customers, better for your affiliates and better for you.

For those who are already looking for this option: it is placed in Step2 in "Add Product" page (or "Configure basic settings").

I hope you will enjoy this.


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    January 22, 2009 @ 7:01 am

    […] Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page: this option automatically skips Click2Sell checkout page if your customer would just need to click on "Purchase" button and nothing more (no payment options variety or you don’t ask him/her any personal info). Uncheck this option if you want your customer to stop at Click2Sell checkout page (before going to, let’s say, PayPal checkout page) and review purchase information. You can read more about skipping Click2Sell checkout page here. […]

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