The Future of Affiliate Commissions Payments: Merchants Pay Their Affiliates Themselves

Hi again,

recently Click2Sell.EU was reviewed by a few well known internet marketers. In general, all of reviews were praising the system, however I once again noticed fear of a fact that in our system merchants pay their affiliates themselves.

So I want to talk about this fact in this post.

Many people (specifically affiliates) are quite afraid of the fact that in Click2Sell system their affiliate commissions will not be paid by Click2Sell itself, but directly by merchants. Well, such fear or distrust is quite understandable when we keep hearing stories about how people are scammed here or there on the Internet.

Why do many people think that they might be scammed?

  • Many people got burnt in the late 90s when there were a lot of 'get-paid-to' surf, read e-mails, etc. programs which in most cases never paid their members.
  • When they don't know person face-to-face – there is no trust. When there is no trust and there is no 'middle-man' between merchant and affiliate, most people think that there is no 'trust' of getting payment.
  • There are a lot of rumors about all 'scams out there' on the Internet. People don't trust every affiliate program that pops up everyday.

We could even get such impression that to be cheated is much more common way in Internet business than being treated fairly. However, I want to say that such "wild west" times will have to end sometime. And it is happening right now.

Here is why. In my opinion, the first reason why above mentioned situation (when affiliates get scammed) will be less and less likely in the future because Internet's userbase is expanding quickly. We all have noticed that there are more and more people who are like experts of the Internet (they are able to use any Internet service easily, create websites, know where to find certain information and so on). There are even more people who have enough knowledge for successful shopping on the Internet and know how to find some information about particular item or seller. Increasing awareness of the Internet stimulates developments of various security systems/tools and increasing merchants' identity clarity. So it's only a matter of time when "wild west" times (where some doe1158xo offers you to buy a super wonderful thing) will end. If earlier we had no means/tools to check if that or another Doe5559 was reliable and he/she wouldn't scam you, now we have powerful search engines, various information databases of some kind, many social places (like forums) which allow us to get quite detailed necessary information regarding certain seller. So now it is quite business killing thing to be called "SCAMMER" because everyone will find out this easily once they will be about to have a deal with a cheating person.

What is more, another very important aspect that will dump those "wild west" times is that there are many more various legal tracking systems. Every seller who is serious about his/her business will have something to prove you that they're reliable. For example, in Click2Sell system every merchant is represented by merchant ranking which clearly indicates how reliable he/she is. So if one or another merchant has paid all his/her fees and commissions until now, how much is it possible that he/she won't pay you your hard earned affiliate commissions? Especially when his/her payment activities are tracked and Click2Sell system would instantly know that he/she didn't pay some commissions? Nobody is saying that you, as affiliate, have to promote products of some unknown people. Choose merchants who have solid history and you will have good business with them.

Now let's talk about Click2Sell. The thing is that merchants pay directly not only affiliate commissions, but also Click2Sell fees. I mean that Click2Sell fees payment is done exactly in the same way as affiliate commission payment. So technically we are on the same boat as affiliates. If a person intends to scam someone, he/she will do it at the first opportunity: he/she won't pay fees to us after a month of selling. Well, then we simply ban such cheaters. Believe me, almost every scammer is "detected" this way, so you can be confident in a person who is selling his/her products through Click2Sell for more than a month and still is not banned from the system.

Please, combine all of above mentioned main points. Everything in one place should ensure you that the fact of merchants paying directly their affiliates is nothing to worry about. I believe in mature business management and deals where everyone respects others. There should be no need for faceless and inflexible automatic commissions payments handled by network (which force us to feel like inadequate apprentices, not able to do some things ourselves), not by merchants themselves.


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