Ultra Tiny Fee For Small Transactions in “Complete” Selling Plan!

Let us introduce a special thing for you if your products are priced between 0 and 5 USD. Without further ado, our fee for transactions of 0-5 USD amount is just 0.55 USD.

That’s right, for just 0.55 USD per sale your products will have credit card and PayPal payment options, full affiliate program, real-time reports and absolutely no other fees.

Whether you sell a small software, mobile app, an ebook or report, design/tech quick jobs, etc. this is a great deal for you.

You won’t have to pay for declined transactions, only for successfully completed sales. No monthly fee, no registration fee, no upgrade or support fees. Sell a 5 USD product 10 times? OK, we will charge you just 5.5 USD. No $50 registration, $100 setup and $30/mo non-sense.

Please note that this pricing is available on a request, just drop us a message that you would like to have this pricing. Then we will apply it for your account.

Join us!

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