Duplicate Transaction Protection For Credit Card Payments

Dear Click2Sell.EU members,

It has been some time since you heard from us here on the blog. However, we do not intend to write many posts as we don’t want to waste our members’ time reading useless content. But when we write – we definitely have some great news to announce for all Click2Sell members.

So this week I would like to introduce a new Click2Sell.EU feature: Duplicate transaction protection filter for credit card payments.

About duplicate transactions problem

There are millions of different visitors and shoppers online. Each of them have different computer understanding skills and abilities. Some of them are very tech savvy while others do not know how to properly type an URL in their browsers’ address line and thus use Google/Yahoo to find and enter a certain website. So the diversity is really huge.

We have different kinds of products on Click2Sell. Some of them are downloadable products that are delivered instantly, while other products need a special merchant’s approval to complete the order, i.e. physical orders, some membership websites and etc.

The thing is that if a product is delivered to the customer instantly, then there are usually no problems with their payments. However, we have experienced one strange issue – duplicate transaction problem with some of our merchants.

Customers try to order one their product twice, three times or even more… This is really weird. It goes like this: a certain customer orders a product for the first time. He/she is delivered to the thank you page where it says something like "thank you for your order! We will contact you and provide more information as soon as possible to complete the order".

However, it looks like there are some customers who don’t understand that their purchase is already completed. They go back to the product’s checkout page after a few minutes and order the same product for the second time… They see the same message once again and then after some time (for example, 10 minutes) come back to order the same product for the third time.

Such customers order the same product 2 or more times. That is definitely weird.

They cause a lot of trouble for the product’s merchant as duplicate transactions are processed straight to the merchant’s account (i.e. Authorize.net) and then the merchant account company holds the funds to investigate those duplicate transactions. Merchant’s creditibility is affected and such customers cause an additional hassle for the online commerce business.

Duplicate transactions protection filter

So we decided to implement duplicate transactions protection filter to protect all our merchants who use Authorize.net, Paypal Website Payments PRO or Worldpay merchant accounts to accept direct credit card payments from their buyers via Click2Sell.EU.

We have developed a special filter that checks customer’s name, surname and his/her billing address to determine if there were no previous purchases of the same person with the same data within the last 30 minutes for the same product. If buyer’s name or billing address is found in the database, then our system simply does not allow the buyer to proceed further and make second, third, etc. purchase.

Our results show that such filter works really effectively and saves our merchants from duplicate transactions. They don’t have to deal with unnecessary chargebacks or issue partial refunds just because their customers didn’t understand about the product’s delivery or something else.

Some of the merchants might ask: "alright… what if I offer another product as a ‘bonus’ at a discounted price to my customers when they complete the purchase of my first product? Does that mean that such customers won’t be able to order my ‘bonus’ product and pay me once more?".

Certainly no! This duplicate transactions protection filter works only for one product. If your customer orders another product (e.g., your mentioned bonus product), the transaction will be processed in the normal way without any problem, so you can be sure that you will not lose your customers and sales.

Here, at Click2Sell.EU, we do our best to help our merchants and affiliates run their online businesses as easily as possible, without any troubles and hassle-free. When you are on Click2Sell.EU, you can be sure that we care about you!

Have a nice weekend!


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