Sell Your Products in Digital Products Friendly Service Instead of Cautious, Documents Burden Credit Card Gateways

You have created a great software product and would like to sell it online to earn some money or start your own software company business. You have created a great looking website, your software has a huge demand on the market and you are ready to sell it. But how to accept payments you’re your customers? You need to get a credit card and Paypal processing solution… But where and how?

In order to start selling your own software or any other digital products (ebooks, membership website, etc.) online, you need to get a real merchant account from the acquiring bank so that you could accept credit card payments on your website. Usually this process takes a lot of time:

  1. You need to fill out the lengthy bank forms telling about your product, sales volumes, provide personal information about your company.
  2. You need to scan and send your company’s documents to the bank. In addition to this you need to provide the notarized copies of your passport, identity and other documents.
  3. You need to provide a professional business plan to the bank explaining how your software company operates and how you will sell your product online.
  4. You will have to tell the bank everything about your customers: your target market and major countries.
  5. Even more – you will have to provide your own payment processing history. The bank will ask about your sales volume, number of transactions processed per month and overall amounts.
  6. Banks usually go for a long process of document and track record verifications. They will even check your credit scores and credibility ratings on credit score agencies.
  7. The viability of the business lifecycle and the profitability is also verified before approving the merchant account.

These criteria might not be a problem for an already established and working companies, however… If you are just starting out with your first software product and your company is new – you have no business history, no credibility, nor turnover, payment processing history. Then it will be almost impossible for you to open a merchant account for your new online business, because the majority start up, small businesses fail to meet all the requirements. So it’s like a never ending circle: you’re new àyou don’t have payment processing history àyou can’t get a merchant account àcan’t start processing credit card payments àno turnover àno ability to get going, because no bank will talk to you.
However, there is still a solution for you…

  1. Just register on Click2Sell and login to your account. Go to For Vendors page and
  2. select the COMPLETE payment processing plan.
  3. then visit For Vendor –> Add Product section and enter your product’s  description along with all the details.
  4. Place the provided payment button code on your online shop! That’s all.

Once your product is activated, you will be able to accept credit card and Paypal payments on your online shop along with other multiple payment options. The whole process takes than a few minutes and you can start processing within 24 hours instead of waiting a couple of months.

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