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I need help with an issue. I have a monthly membership site with a recurring $10 charge. Through Click2Sell here, all my affiliates get 70% commission on that recurring monthly charge. Every month, I take down the previous month’s content and archive it for $10 apiece. So here’s the question: is there a way, without listing all the individual month’s content as separate products, to allow my affiliates to get a 70% on the ‘archived’ sales as well? Such as a way to allow them a commission on all sales made through that domain? Thanks for all help! (And hopefully you understand what I’m asking… I can clarify if need be.)

Talk soon,

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your questions. I understand your idea pretty well. In case you wan to sell your content archives for $10 a piece you will still have to add those ‘mini’ products to Click2Sell.EU system and price them $10 each, get your payment links and place on your website or any other thank-you page area where your first time customers are redirected after their successful purchase.

Simply add your archived products as separate products to Click2Sell.EU system and place payment buttons on your website or any other area which could be accessed by your customers. Uncheck the tickbox on ‘Display product on the Marketplace’ (on STEP2 when you add your product). That’s all… Then all you will have to do is just to refer customers to your first product’s sales page. If they order your archived month’s content they will still be credited a certain affiliate commission for that sale.

Just provide your affiliates with your main products affiliate links and make sure you place payment links for your other products on the same page or thank-you page where your customers would be able to find them and then all your affiliates will be credited for those other archived content sales automatically. They will be using one affiliate link, while they will be credited for all sales their referred customers make.

Tom, I hope this helps. If you have some more questions or just need some help setting up your products, just let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

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