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Accepting Credit cards with Google Checkout


I have two payment processors – Paypal and Google Checkout. I cannot use Paypal to accept credit cards because I do not have a “Website payments pro” account with them. Can I use google checkout to accept credit cards? I have added my google checkout account as a payment processor and set up the xml api, but google checkout still does not appear as an option under the “accept credit cards” option. Please advise. Thanks you

I would like to say that Google Checkout does not allow to process credit card transactions on the background – straight on your product’s checkout page, etc. All your customers must be redirected to Google Checkout payment pages in order to complete the purchase. That’s why you can’t choose Google Checkout on the credit cards field (in payment processor mapping page). I checked your account and noticed that you are a US merchant. Since you are a US seller, you can easily open a Paypal Website Payment PRO or merchant accounts and set them up on Click2Sell.EU. This way you will be able to accept direct credit card payments from your customers right on Click2Sell.EU checkout page. This is a very convenient option for your buyers to pay since they do not have to be redirected to Paypal or Google Checkout. While in addition to the credit card payment option you can offer to check out with Paypal and Google Checkout.

If you want to know more how to open Paypal PRO or merchant accounts to process credit card transactions directly from customers, please, let me know. I will send you all the information and explanations.

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