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How do I set my affilliate approval to MANUAL and NOT automatic?


I have searched high and wide to find how to set my account to > MANUALLY accept affiliates. Right now I am obviously set to automatic > accept and since my products DO NOT ship internationally, I cannot > accept affiliates from outside the USA. It appears that I have a lot > of foreign names signing up as affiliates and they are being auto > approved, so I need to switch to MANUAL! PLEASE tell me where to go to > reset my account to MANUALLY approve affiliates. Thanks and Happy New > Year. Caroline :-)

Hello Caroline,

thanks for contacting us!
Manual affiliate approval is on product level. In order to enable manual approval for a certain product, you need to do this way: “For Merchant” -> click on product name -> “Configure basic settings” -> Step 2.
There you will find a checkbox for disabling automatic affiliate approval. However, right now no message is sent to you if someone tries to promote your product, so your potential affiliates will need to message you after requesting to be allowed to promote your product. We intend to implement an automatic notification sometime in 2010.
However, I think that it would be better for you if you just limit shipping countries in Step4 (if you chose “Material” type for your product). Just leave allowed countries on the right box and non US residents won’t be able to order your product. Non US affiliates can also bring Americans customers, so I think that this option should work for you better than manual approval.
I hope I explained everything clearly enough. If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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