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Shipping prices are being ADDED into the selling price of my products


Hi there.
I am new to click2sell, so I may be overlooking something, but I am a merchant who created an affiliate program through your service just last week. I have 7 products created in my Merchant account, and when I sent out the affiliate LINKS for these products, the shipping price was ADDED onto the actual price of my products making them appear MORE EXPENSIVE than my products are in my own web store. This is not appealing to affiliates because once people find out the products are cheaper on my site, then they won’t buy from my affiliates any longer and that isn’t how I want this to be. The question I have for you is: How can I keep the actual product price SEPARATE from the shipping fee for my affiliates, so they have a chance to sell my products! If the shipping fees are added into the total price of the products, they are at a disadvantage and then there is no reason why I should have an affiliate program. Since the shipping field is REQUIRED by your company, is this a software glitch on your end? PLEASE HELP! I have so many people interested in becoming an affiliate and I don’t want to turn them off.

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for contacting us. I understand your situation… Now there are 2 ways why the system charge your customers a shipping fee:
a) you have set a special shipping fee when you have entered material products into the system
b) you have configured your Paypal account to charge a special shipping fee from your customers

In case you have a) – all you have to do is just to login to your Click2Sell.EU account and visit: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> STEP4 (if product is material) and there you will see your shipping charges. If you don’t see the ‘countries to sell to’ selection box and there is no place to enter the shipping charge, then I think you have a b) case.
In case you have b) – please, login to your Paypal account and go to your Profile and select the Shipping charges on your selling preferences. There you should find a special shipping fee which Paypal adds to all of your products. Simply remove that fee and your customers won’t be charged anything for shipping.

Please, let me know how it goes. If you have any questions or just need some help, please, show me your products’ links and I will check everything myself.

Egidijus Andreika

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