The New Checkout Page – For Increased Appeal To Your Customers!

Today I want to tell you about our newest change in Click2Sell.

We have totally revamped Click2Sell checkout pages in order to make them:

  • look much better.
    Our old checkout version looked very "so-so" (especially compared to our new checkout page). It wasn’t compact, used a lot of space in the page. Its style was very simple, perhaps even too simple. However, it hardly fit the overall look of our merchants websites and it was quite hard to edit, add your own images and additional text without disrupting the code and checkout page look. 
    In the new checkout page version we used the page’s space a lot more efficiently, so that customers could see more at a glance. Various sections (product information, payment options, billing information, credit card information) were clearly separated to make checkout review process easier.
    The new design elements will make customers feel more comfortable at this page as it looks more modern, up-to-date and solid. It just looks less cluttered than the old version.
  • faster;
    Checkout page code was completely rewritten, leaving only the necessary bits of code. Several different parts (that were saved separately before) were joined into one file to reduce checkout loading time. Thus customers’ browsers won’t download anything unnecessary in a checkout process.
  • more suitable for various payment options;
    The main difference here is that there are two different checkout page versions:

    a) for products which can be bought using a credit card directly from Click2Sell checkout page.
    If you accept direct credit card payments (which is available if you get, Worldpay or PayPal Website Payments PRO account), your customers will see such checkout page layout which is designed specifically for payments by credit cards. Alternative payment options are left in a secondary "role", so that they wouldn’t unnecessarily catch attention of customers going to pay by credit cards. That’s the essential thing of the new checkout page: we tried to create the page in such way that various customers wouldn’t need to read or fill anything unrelated to what they are going to do.

    b) for all other products that can be bought via PayPal, Moneybookers or Google Checkout systems.
    This version is extremely light-weight. If you don’t ask your customers for additional information like living address, they will just see a product’s summary and the available payment options. There is nothing else that could waste your customers’ precious time.

  • have more modification options.
    Here is a killer-feature: you can modify any text and fields on the checkout page. This feature requires its own dedicated post to it, so I will tell you more about this feature in the next post. Briefly put, this feature allows you to translate the whole checkout page into any language! This saves you from comical situations when you sell, let’s say, an ebook written in German and on your German product’s website you finally persuade a customer to purchase your product. And then he/she enters an English checkout page which is unknown foreign language for your customer… I guess you get the point.
  • less checkout fields to fill in!
    While the actual number of text fields for a customer to fill in did not decrease, however we made it much simpler and easier for a customer. Once a potential buyer enters the new checkout page, Click2Sell.EU system automatically detects the customer’s country andautomatically selects that country from the Country: list. In addition to this, the State field is automatically selected with ‘Select a State’ – for US or Canada residents, or ‘Outside US/Canada’ for all other countries. So in this case the customer doesn’t have to fill in these 2 additional fields at all. This makes the checkout process simpler.

We have already got some very positive responses regarding the new checkout page. The new version was created after a very long research, considering a few different layouts, analyzing the most popular and widely used checkout pages, making the whole checkout process as easy as possible.

Transition from old checkout page to the new one was completely smooth, so no action is required from you regarding the new checkout page.

We always say that carefully created sales-pages, promotional materials, ads, rigorous split testings help to increase your products conversion rates. This is our new-year gift for you as the improved checkout page will also have a beneficial effect for all your products’ conversion rates!

I hope you will like it and see you in the next post about the new checkout’s feature – improved modifications!

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