Click2Sell Marketplace Speaks in XML Language!

Time for a new feature again!

This is yet another step to make Click2Sell system friendlier to 3rd party software, scripts, automated services and so on. Perhaps the first major step in this area was an introduction of Click2Sell API service which allowed merchants to automate important parts of their business or just make them more flexible.

Now let’s talk about the fresh feature which definately will help you to increase your sales – Click2Sell Marketplace XML feed! Click2Sell marketplace already has about one thousand products. We are very pleased that there are more and more products. However, quite many people asked for some way which would allow them to easily take the content of the marketplace. Being able to get such information easily let various 3rd party software, scripts or services to make various things. Just some examples of what they can do:

  • Deep analysis of the marketplace. Using such service allows affiliates easily find out the best affiliate programs;
  • Remote usage of the marketplace in any 3rd party software. This let users quickly do their things without browsing the marketplace in their browsers.
  • "Adsense-style" text ads. Some scripts can automatically create text ads with embedded affiliate link according to webpage content (thus making an ad very relevant).
  • Lots of other things…

As you already see, all such products/services essentially need easily accessible summary of marketplace.

Content of Click2Sell marketplace XML feed

In fact, our developed XML feed contains perhaps even more information about products than the marketplace itself. Let me list things what you (or your script) can find in Click2Sell XML feed:

  • Product ID in Click2Sell system;
  • Product name;
  • Product description;
  • Product keywords;
  • Date added;
  • Product type (downloadable, material, subscription);
  • Product price;
  • Currency of price (USD, EUR, GBP);
  • Product shipping fee (if applicable);
  • Subscription’s initial price and recurring billing price and period;
  • Merchant name of the product;
  • Merchant rank;
  • Product rank in the marketplace;
  • Product’s sales-page;
  • Direct link to product’s checkout page;
  • Affiliate page link;
  • Product’s affiliate link;
  • Product’s commission rate;
  • Total affiliate earning per sale;
  • Product’s conversion rate
  • Product’s refund rate;
  • Affiliates sales part of total product’s sales;
  • Product’s popularity;
  • Commission payment method;
  • Affiliate approval (automatic or manual);
  • Product’s categories and rankings there;

How to access Click2Sell Marketplace XML feed file

You can find the link to the XML feed file at the bottom of Click2Sell Online Marketplace page. Or you can access it directly using this link:

Technical info about XML feed for developers

There is some additional information you might find useful:

  • XML feed is updated once a day;
  • Products in the file are listed by their ranking in Click2Sell marketplace, thus there are no duplications of products;
  • There is XML schema file which will help you to understand the file’s content and structure. Potential values and their formats are explained there.
  • Live XML search is also available. The URL to make such search is (it is given with example parameters):

    After "keywords=" just enter any keyword, and after "category=" enter any existing category. You can also search just by one parameter. The outcome of the search is pure XML.

XML feed’s benefits to you

What are the benefits for you as merchant or as affiliate?

Just from the short list of services in the first part of this post you can sense that such feature will:

  1. Make your product more visible and accessible, thus more exposure;
  2. Enter text (or any other) ads network without paying anything;
  3. There will be more sales in general;
  4. Some of your favorite software or systems will be compatible with Click2Sell marketplace.

The best part of all this matter is that you don’t need to do anything additionally. Various 3rd party services will take care of taking use of your juicy affiliate programs. Of course, it won’t happen overnight. It will need to take some time to develop a bigger base of 3rd party software, however we will work towards that direction to make it happen sooner.

Have a nice weekend!

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    […] XML feed of C2S marketplace We received a lot of questions where XML feed of Click2Sell marketplace could be acquired. It was not possible for quite a long time (there were simply more urgent things to do). However, this autumn we finally implemented the feed and now your scripts, plugins or programs can easily understand the content of our marketplace.   […]

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