Click2Sell Hybrid Affiliate Management System

When you do business online you usually have to make a choice: either you want to receive money from customers directly to your, let's say, PayPal or merchant account and then pay your affiliates yourself (PRIVATE Affiliate Management System approach) OR you may want some reliable company to collect money from your customers and pay all commissions to your affiliates instead of you (COMPLETE Affiliate Management System approach).

Both ways are very different and, obviously, have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here at Click2Sell we always wanted to make the system as flexible as possible and this way get the best from the 'both worlds'. That is how Click2Sell HYBRID  Affiliate Management System was born. The main purpose of Click2Sell HYBRID Affiliate Management is to join the most important benefits of these two very different business approaches and eliminate negatives of them as well. Such synthesis produces a very new, unique and innovative way to manage your business and affiliates.

Hybrid Affiliate Management System gives you the best things from both worlds: use your own merchant account for getting money from your customers immediately after a sale and completely automate and outsource commissions payments to your hundreds or thousands of affiliates. You won't have to compromise yourself.

The essence of the HYBRID Affiliate Management System: you process payments directly to your merchant or Paypal account and get paid instantly after sale. You can completely control all your affiliates, recruit new ones and run your affiliate programs, but at the same time Click2Sell takes care of paying all your affiliates automatically. Just make sure that your Click2Sell Balance has enough of funds to cover commissions for affiliate sales.

Key benefits you will get by using Hybrid Affiliate Management System:

  • Accept payments from your customers directly to your merchant account. No more waiting for checks or long delayed money transfers. Click2Sell works with many payment gateways smoothly: PayPal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, Worldpay,, eWay, LinkPoint, First Data, Your Pay, PayPoint, Moneris, Sage Pay (former Protx), Optimal Payments, Ogone.
  • Retain control of various aspects of your business: 100% control of your business policies, money back guarantees and refunds. We do not interfere in such areas.
  • You can sell any legal product you want – we do not control this.
  • Pay Affiliates easily – the new Click2Sell Balance feature will help you easily pay your affiliates who use many different payment accounts or currencies. You simply go to your Balance page and enter your Paypal or credit card details and then Click2Sell system will automatically charge your accounts for affiliate sales. Several options are available to completely automate refilling of your Balance, so you won’t need to spend any time for this at all! Then every week we will take care of paying your affiliates via dozens of their preferred payment options: PayPal, Moneybookers, wire-transfers in five different currencies, so you won't have to. Just make sure that your Balance has enough funds to cover affiliate sales and we will make all the work.
  • Clearance period – all your affiliates will be paid every week by Click2Sell with a 14 days clearance period. For example, if your affiliate makes a sale today, the transaction will be in a 'clerance' for the comming 14 days and then on the nearest Monday affiliate commission will be sent to the affiliate automatically.
  • Use integrated Click2Sell Affiliate Network to boost your sales – your products will be listed in public Click2Sell Marketplace which is frequently visited by Click2Sell affiliates. They have great confidence in merchants using “Hybrid” model, so you can realistically expect to have many affiliates promoting your products. In other words, Click2Sell will stake its reputation on affiliate commissions to be paid since we are paying affiliates for you.
  • Your products will also be available to many 3rd party software / services as Click2Sell marketplace is fully available in XML data. Widgets for websites/blogs, text ads, auto-website generators, major databases of products for affiliates – all of them use XML data of Click2Sell marketplace. Thus your products will be available to them as well!

Requirements. Merchants using Hybrid Affiliate Management System will have to fulfil one of the following requirements below in order to have their products listed in Click2Sell marketplace:

  1. PayPal API data saved in Click2Sell account or
  2. Pre-pay $50 to your Click2Sell Balance for your future commission payments or
  3. Enter credit card details, so that Click2Sell system would be able to charge your card right after affiliate makes a sale and reserve a commission.

Click2Sell fee will depend on the price of product you sell:

  • If product's price is up to 19.99 USD, then 1 USD fee/sale will be applied.
  • If product's price is 20 USD – 39.99 USD, then 2 USD fee/sale will be applied.
  • If product's price is 40 USD or more, then 3 USD fee/sale will be applied.
  • No set-up fee.
  • No hidden fees.

All the questions you have regarding Click2Sell HYBRID Affiliate Management System will be answered by C2S Support! Just ask! You may also find interesting to read about Best Affiliate Management Systems in one account on Click2Sell website.

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  4. James Said,

    December 22, 2010 @ 11:59 pm

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    In view of your feedback, I have chosen to sell my products under your Hybrid system. Please verify and approve once it is ready.

    Much thanks in advance.

    Looking forward to your reply soon.


    James (Login ID)

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