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How refunds are processed


I am intrested in bringing my site over to your affiliate network. I would like to know which of your processors you carry update my refunds in click2sell. I dont want to have to refund someone say in and then come back to your site and do it again. Or if there is a chargeback will it automatically update in cick2sell so I do not pay the affiliate for that order.

You are welcome to bring in your website to Click2Sell.EU. Our system is completely automated. First of all, you can completely manage all the sales and refunds from Click2Sell.EU members area. Whether you have, Paypal or any other payment processor account. If refund or chargeback happens, our system automatically adjusts all the sales (as refunded), so you don’t have to do the same job twice – we take care of all refunds automatically. Moreover, if you want to refund a customer then you can do this simply by clicking on a refund button near a certain transaction. Click2Sell.EU is completely connected to major payment processors so the refund will be issued automatically when you click to refund from your members area and the sales will be adjusted so you won’t have to pay affiliates for refunded sales.

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