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google checkout


how do i set up to receive payments with google checkout other than money bookers or paypal. I havent added my product yet, but just wondering how to change to google checkout

Dear Nicholas,

Thank you for contacting us. In order to accept payments via Google Checkout all you have to do is just to navigate to: My Profile –> My Payment Processors page and add Google Checkout as a new account. Please, click on the dropdown list of processors and select Google Checkout, click on Add and you will see a page with all instructions on how to configure Google Checkout on Click2Sell.EU successfully. Follow those steps and enter the required information on Click2Sell.EU. Then click on Save. You will be redirected back to the same My Payment Processors page. Then, please, click on ‘Setup’ button to set up a payment processing mapping. Select your new Google Checkout account from the dropdown list on Google Checkout’s line and then click on Save.

When you are done and you will be able to accept payments through Google Checkout. If you have Google Checkout buyer’s account, you can go to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Test Buy (click on a certain product) to test your Google Checkout.

Nicholas, if you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.

Egidijus Andreika

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