Click2Sell.EU Performance Speed Improved 70 Times

Dear Click2Sell.EU members,

We are proud to announce that we have installed a new database system on Click2Sell.EU production servers. This new database system allowed us to increase overall system's performance speed around 70 times on some reports.

What was done and why it was done?

Click2Sell.EU is a complete merchant platform with a built in affiliate network that allows everyone to signup and start selling or promoting products online. Click2Sell.EU also provides a lot of statistical data about all your own or affiliated products' peformaces such as how many visitors have visited a product's sales page, how many sales there were, what are traffic sources and many other aspects of a product's campaign. Powerful reporting system demands a lot of servers' resources and especially – for longer time period reports such as "Last 30 Days" or "This Year". Such reports need time for all data to be gathered and generated into one huge report.

As more and more data was gathered the report generation for those merchants and affiliates who heavily used Click2Sell.EU became quite slow. The problem was caused by the number of data on the database tables. The more merchant/affiliated used our system, the more data was recorded into the database cells. More data gathered – slower reports became.

Luckily, we have noticed this problem early enough, so not many Click2Sell.EU members have noticed the slowness issue at all. We immediately started to make database optimizations. The whole database structure was rebuilt and optimized in order to serve the data much faster. It wasn't easy… But we have managed to achieve great results.

The new database structure was found to be very effective. Click2Sell.EU performance speed increased around 70 times on the optimized reports!

Which reports were optimized?

The main 3 reports:

General Report, Daily Report and My Affiliates page.

The main difference now is that the long time period data – e.g. "Last 30 Days", "This Year", etc. are now displayed within a blink of an eye – on the same speed as you would check "Today" or "Yesterday" reports.

What more has been done?

Click2Sell.EU account login speed has increased a lot because of optimizations on General Report.

What is more, now affiliates section on General Report's table shows only the active affiliates for that day (or certain selected period of time). An active affiliate is that affiliate who brings at least 1 visitor via affiliate link within a selected time period.

My Affiliates page is now loaded much faster and browsing through the list of affiliates is more convenient – no need to wait for the database to load new batch of data.

Daily Report's database structure has been improved and additional data caching has been turned on, so now if you load the report for e.g. 'Last 30 Days' period for the 1st time, then after that you load other report and then come back to the same 'Last 30 Days' – you will definitely feel the difference. The report will be loaded without any delay.

At this moment we have finished the first phase of optimizations on Click2Sell.EU. We are continuing with the other remaining reports – Referral Report, Refunds and Keywords reports – and, of course, the additional performance improvements.

We encourage all our members to tell us their thoughts and opinion about Click2Sell.EU. We work for your success!



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  1. Rich Boy Said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 9:04 am

    I have a few comments for improvement. First the “leave a comment” section has a typo error. It says “URi” instead of “URL”

    But the main suggestion is to implement a feature that will enable SPLIT TESTING A/B.

    This would be highly useful in optimizing our conversion ratios. It would not be hard to develop. Something has simple as the click2sell landing page link randomly switching between 1 of 2 (or more) landing pages.

    Then, have statistics that show which page performed better.

    This would set the company above any other affiliate tracking company currently existing.

    I hope that you seriously consider this feature.

    Rich Boy

  2. admin Said,

    May 9, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

    Well, actually URL is part of URI. So it’s not really typo error, it’s just another term.

    Regarding your main suggestion.
    Hmmm, yes, it’s quite interesting idea. The more I’m thinking about this, the more I like it. I will add this to our to-do list, we will see what we can do about it.

    I just want to mention that you can add as many products as you want, so at this moment you can create a few duplicate products with different sales-page URLs and then track how each of them is performing. I agree that your suggested feature is making things much easier, but at least you won’t need to wait for our implementation.


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