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Which link code to use in order to recruit affiliates?


Hello Again,

I have now few promotion links to recruit affiliates through e-mails and ads. Which one do I have to use?
If I use This one <a href=’’Sign Up</a it works on my website. But it won´t click through in e-mails.

Does this link give me credit when i recruit affiliates sending them to click2sell website to sign-up? This link I will use on my e-mail ads.. Is this correct? Please advise.


Dear Bob,

The first provided signup code is a html code that is intended to be placed and recruit affiliates on your website only. You should use the 2nd: link on your ads to signup new people on our system. Yes, both of these links will give you a credit for signing up both merchants and affiliates.

I hope this answers all your questions. If you have anything more to add or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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