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Using affiliate links


I have uploaded code for one of the dog books. but all I see is “Buy,” instead of seeing what it is that the buyer is buying. I’ve tried using the click icon but I have the same complaint, the prospective buyer won’t click on something that doesn’t indicate what he’s buying. What the heck is wrong? How should i be using affiliate links? I needhelp and an explanation. Thanks

Hello John,

As I understand you are trying to promote other merchants’ products using affiliate links.

So in this case you have two ways:

a) use regular affiliate link which will lead people to merchant’s
provided product’s page. Your referred people will be redirected there
and then they will be able to find out the information about the product.

– OR –

b) use direct link to product’s checkout page (the one with “?checkout”
in the end of URL). Then you will be able to redirect your referred
people directly to product’s checkout page (without going to merchant’s
provided sales page).

As an affiliate you get your affiliate links or buttons which you need to put somewhere. Then it is up to you how you make people to go through your link. As you mentioned, it’s not really possible that anyone would click on vague link or button, so you need to put some valuable information about product or something like that near that link.

You can look at product’s “More Info” page in the marketplace if the product has any promotional material uploaded or ask the merchant directly if he/she can give you any promotion material. This should help you to start the promotion. I hope I have explained everything clearly enough. If you have more questions or need further explanations, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis
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