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Hi there, Just found you. Click2sell seems to be the right tool for me. I am going to sell high quality pictures online. And I have questions to ask. a. Can I add a logo or re-edit the page which my clients are redircted to when clicking the buy link? b. How much money do you charge me for every transaction? Suppose my product is $3.99, how much can I earn after your charge? c. I just made a test. I clicked the buy link on my page, and then was directed to click2sell page, and then a paypal page. So I just wanna know, what happen after I pay? Can I see a page that has a download link, which is secure and temporary? Looking forward to your quick reply. Thanks a lot.

I would like to answer them one by one:
1) I guess you are using the default Click2Sell provided thank-you page for your customers to be redirected? In order to add your logos and edit all other settings on that page just navigate to:
For Merchant –> My Products -> Edit Settings (click on the product’s panel) –> Configure product pages –> Thank-you page. On this page you will be able to modify your thank-you page, place your product’s pictures, etc.
2) Click2Sell.EU charges a flat $1 fee for all products priced up to $20. You can read more about our pricing structure on this page:
3) When you pay on Paypal page and click on return button, you are (the customer in this case) automatically redirected to the thank-you page to download your high quality picture or pictures package. You can easily make a purchase of the product yourself. Just go to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Test Buy and make a test purchase. You will see the whole process of how customer pays you and you will see the final page that your customers will see after they pay. Note: you need to have a separate paypal account for this to complete the test since you cannot send the money to the same account.

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