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How to protect digital product from unauthorized downloads


so how do i make the thank you page private for buyers only because i dont want them to go to the page an they keep downloading my product after paid for does the link expire after they download the product

As I understand you would like to protect your thank-you page from unauthorized access, so only those people who bought your product could access it. If so then all you have to do is just to use Click2Sell.EU provided default thank-you page. Just select to use a default thank-you page and upload your product’s file to our secure servers. Then after each purchase, your customers will receive their unique encrypted download link to download the product. The product’s sales page will be encrypted and the product will be available for 72 hours to download. After those 72 hours, the download links will expire. So by using Click2Sell.EU default thank-you page you can easily protect your digital products from unauthorized sharing between people.

If you want to modify your default thank you page, just navigate to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> Configure product pages –> Thank-you page. There you will be able to completely modify your secure thank-you page, add additional information for your customers, etc.

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