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How can I sell my ebooks?


Now I have 3 ebook in Spanish. How I can sell my ebooks?

Dear Jose,

Thank you for your interest to sell your ebooks via Click2Sell.EU. If you want to sell your 3 ebooks through Click2Sell.EU, then you have to set them up on our system. Please, navigate to: For Merchant –> Add Product and follow all the product addition steps to add your product to the system. Once you finish, you will be provided with buy now buttons to place on your website. Please, copy and paste the provided codes on your ebooks sales pages. Then upload your sales pages to your web server and then you will be able to accept payments from customers, run affiliate program and sell your 3 ebooks.

I hope I have answered all your questions. You can also download Click2Sell.EU user guides for merchants from Support –> User Guides section.
There you will find all information on how to set up your products on Click2Sell.EU system. If you need some help, please, let me know.


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