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Encrypted paypal button – is it working?


Hi I use Paypal encryption as I sell a number of products via different means. The java Buy Now button generated by Click2Sell is not encrypted which means Paypal will not accept payment. Is there anyway of having an encrypted button generated by Click2Sell to overcome this problem? thanks

Currently Click2Sell.EU does not encrypt Paypal payment buttons since we have an anti-fraud system implemented, so this encryption is not necessary actually. In order to use your Paypal account with Click2Sell.EU your Paypal account should accept unencrypted buttons.

Steve, I would like to know if you have a separate Paypal account that would accept unencrypted payments? This would be the best way to use it on Click2Sell.EU. There is another opportunity also. Please, show me your products and your payment buttons. Then I will talk with our developers to find out what is possible to do in order to make your account work with us.

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