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Checkout form suggestions


I was thinking about the new checkout form. Its great, I like the way it looks much better over the last form.

I was thinking that for customers who choose paypal, you might consider only requiring them to enter their first/last name and email, and nothing else to continue.

Right now it asks for city, zip, an address, and actually none of those are needed to checkout with paypal since all his info will be populated on paypal if he logs in, or on paypals own checkout form. He would be double entering his info, which I think could annoy some people.

What do you think about this? Also, putting a * asterisk next to the require fields is a well accepted convention, and that would let people know they know need to fill out everything.

My research shows that the shorter a form is, the more people will fill it out. And the more required fields, the less who complete the form.

Let me know about this.

Dear Nate,

Our checkout form is already capable of doing what you want :) I guess you have just overlooked this feature. As you can see, your current checkout page has credit card fields + personal information box to fill in. When a person selects Paypal payment option, the credit card data table greys out leaving only the personal data.

Please, navigate to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings (select your desired product) –> Configure Basic Settings –> STEP2 and untick the ‘Gather additional personal information from buyer’ checkbox. Now, please, check your checkout page: select Paypal and you will notice that now both credit card and personal information boxes grey out and the customer is automatically redirected to Paypal. Our system will extract all customers information from Paypal’s logs and show on your account.

Regarding the asterisks next to the required fields: currently all fields (except phone) are required, so we didn’t put those asterisks.

Moreover, do you know that now you can completely customize purchase confirmation letters that are sent to the customer: just navigate to For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> Configure product pages –> Checkout and you will find all capable checkout and purchase confirmation customizations.

If you need some help, just let me know.


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