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A few questions about selling…


Hi There, I have just setup an account and have a few questions before
I setup my product.

1. I noticed when i setup the product I have to set a commision level
for my affiliates. Does this mean each affiliate will have the same
commision or can I specify each affiliate to have a different
commission level on the same product.

2. Some times i will want to sell the product direct without an
affiliate. Is this possible?

3. Will you pass on the buyer details to me, I mainly need thier name
and email address.


Hello David,

thanks for contacting us!

Let me answer your questions one by one.

1) Yes, in product adding process you need to setup default commission
level for your affiliates. Any person who starts to promote your
products will be paid by that commission percentage value. However, if
you want to reward some of your affiliates for, let’s say, their very
successful promotion campaign, then you can specify custom affiliate
commission percentage value to them. This can be done in “For Merchant”
-> “My Affiliates” page. There you will be able not only to set custom
commission rates to your affiliates, but also approve/ban affiliates,
track their promotion statistics or contact them if you have any
question to them or just want to tell them about update of your product.

2) Of course you will be able to do that. Once you add a product you
will get codes of buy buttons. Just copy one of them and put it into
your product’s website. You will need to pay commissions only for such
purchases which were made by customers who came through affiliate links.
You won’t need to pay any commission for all other sales (if, let’s say,
a person came directly to your website and ordered your product).

3) All sales information will be stored in “Reports” -> “Transactions”
section. There you will be able to find out buyer names, emails,
addresses, transaction dates, affiliate names (if they referred some
transactions) and so on. What is more, after each sale you will get
purchase notification message to your email address. In the message
there will be buyer’s name and email address.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough.
If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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