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New Feature 3: Click2Sell Checkout Page Skip

There is one very known truth: once you persuade a person to buy your product, make sure that he/she could pay you as soon as possible. You have to show your potential buyer a purchase form while he/she is still "hot" and full of desire to buy.

Many merchants strive to make sure that once a visitor clicks on "Order Product Now!" link/button, the next page he/she see would be an order form where the buyer could enter all necessary data to make a purchase.

So ideally customers have to click just once in order to be able to make a purchase.


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Do Not Lose Your Guaranteed Buyers! The Importance of Payment Options Variety


We all have read tons of messages and articles about how to improve your product’s sales pages (so there would be as many purchases as possible). We see endless forum discussions about how one or another aspect affects products conversions. Some of merchants hire designers to make sales-pages look very appealing. Some people do hundreds split-testings in order to improve every small detail of sales-pages.

All these efforts really generate you additional sales. However, there is one very important thing that many people overlook but it drops even 60-70% of your guaranteed buyers (the ones who actually clicked "BUY" button/link and look how to purchase your product or service).

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Step by step guide how to start selling your product via Click2Sell

In this short article you will read and learn about the initial steps of selling your products via Click2Sell system. The process is very simple, short and costless. So let’s begin:

  1. Signup to Click2Sell

    Signup is absolutely free and you need only one account for both merchant and affiliate activities. There are also no upgrade costs, no monthly fees and so on. Once you finish your registration, you can start using Click2Sell immediately.

  2. Add a product

    After you login to Click2Sell member area, go to “For Vendor” section and then click on “Add product” link in green sub-bar:

    Fill in the required fields going through all the necessary steps. If you are not sure what one or another field means, you can move your mouse over [?] symbol and read an explanation. See an example below:

    (of course, you can always contact Click2Sell Support if you have any question).

  3. Get “buy-now” buttons

    Once you finish creating a product, at Step 5 you will see such page (you can also find this via: For Vendor -> My Products -> “Buy Now Links” in the table):

    “Your direct link:” is just a simple URL which leads to Click2Sell checkout page. There is no difference for your buyers between this “direct link” and scripted “Order Now!” link (the first one with the grey field full of java code), but we recommend using scripted link or button because they gather statistical information about your visitors, views, conversions (and so on) which you can see in your Click2Sell account.

    On the left column you can see what will appear in the place where you put the code (from the grey text field): it can be just a simple text link “Order Now!” or a graphic button. Choose the desired one and copy all the code from the grey text field.

  4. Paste the code into your website

    Paste the copied code into HTML area of your sales-page. Be sure that you don’t accidentally alter the code. Check your page via your browser to see if it’s working correctly.

Well, that’s all. Basically, you have done all the necessary steps in order to start selling your product via Click2Sell. Once a buyer purchases your product, Click2Sell will automatically register the purchase and gather all the required information about transaction.

If you need a thorough review of each option and setting in product adding process, please read this article "Everything About Products Management at Click2Sell (Part 1)".

By the way, just make sure that Click2Sell buy-now button is not placed nearby other payment options (for example, Paypal button or your own shopping cart). Potential affiliates who see more than one payment button (e.g. Click2Sell.EU and Paypal) might not want to promote your product, because there are high chances that customers (brought by affiliates) would click on another payment button and the commissions would be lost. So in order to prevent this – always use only one payment button on one sales page.

If you have any question, thought or anything else, just let us know!

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