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Hi – I have just started with Click2Sell as a Merchant and have set up
a number of different ebooks to sell. I have a few initial questions:

1. When I click on the ‘Buy Now’ links on my product sales pages. I cannot then return to the sales page by clicking on my browser button – If I try to do so, I just stay on the Paypal/payments processing page. Eventually I have to close that down and the sales page disappears. How can I get some ‘Buy Now’ buttons (or adjust the html code in the existing ones) where it is possible for customers to click on the Buy Now button and then return via their Back Button to the Sales page, so that if they are unsure about buying they can check out the sales details further rather than just lose sight of the relevant information completely?

2. I only have a Paypal account not a Moneybookers account – does this mean that I will only be able to pay affiliates into their Paypal accounts (in which I case I need to edit the affiliates page to say this) or will I still be able to make payments into an affiliate’s Moneybookers account if they request that, even though I do not have one myself?

3. When I go into Edit Settings on a product, it’s easy to preview my Thank You page. But how do I review my sales page to check that I have entered the URL for that correctly?

4. How will affiliates get to see my Sales page? at the moment I have entered the URL for the Sales page for each product but I cannot see what else I have to do to ensure that affiliates checking out my products will also be able to see it for themselves. Please advise.
Thanks David

Hello David,

thanks for contacting us!

Let me answer your questions one by one.

1) You can disable “Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page” option which automatically forwards your customers directly to PayPal checkout page. Once you disable this option, if a person clicks on “Buy Now” button, he/she will come to Click2Sell checkout page where all the information about the product is presented and then he/she will be able to go to Paypal checkout page. You can disable the option this way:
“For Merchant” -> click on product’s name -> “Configure basic settings” -> Step 2 -> look for “Skip Click2Sell Checkout Page” checkbox. Uncheck the checkbox.

2) It is not possible to pay directly from PayPal account to Moneybookers account. However, if you have an affiliate who has only Moneybookers account, then you can send his/her affiliate commission to us and then we will pay your affiliate via Moneybookers. Soon this process will be very streamlined, so it will be very easy to pay this way.

3) Well, you can just copy the URL from “Sales Page URL” field into your browser’s address bar and see if your sales-page is loaded. If yes, then the URL is written correctly.

4) Affiliates can see your sales-pages by clicking on your product’s affiliate program name in the marketplace. For example, you can click on any other product’s name there and you will see that product’s sales-page. That is how affiliates see products’ sales-pages.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough. If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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