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I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I have book and want to sell it throug click2sell.
My question is. I writed book in Bosnian language. Can I sell it from click2sell, or every book need to be on English.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Emir,

Thank you for your interest in selling your ebook via Click2Sell.EU. Most of the ebooks are in English language on Click2Sell.EU, however, if you have written an ebook in Bosnian language, you can sell it on Click2Sell.EU without any problems. Just signup on Click2Sell.EU, add your product, place order buttons on your ebooks sales page and you will be ready to go. You can sell as much ebooks or any other products as you want.

Emir, if you need some help setting up your product, just let me know.


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