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affiliate links


r Paul,

If you want to promote products from Click2Sell.EU Marketplace, all you have
to do is just to visit the Marketplace section and browse through the list
of the products.
Then once you find an interesting product, please, click on Promote link
nearby then your affiliate campaign – link will be created and provided for
Now all you will have to do is just to start promoting that affiliate link
and bring traffic. If your referred visitor buys the product, you will get
an affiliate commission.

Now, regarding the 1 sale rule: we have just implemented it because
otherwise a lot of spammy products appear on the Marketplace. So now all
merchants must make at least
one sale in order to get the product listed on the Marketplace.

I hope this answers all your questions. If you have anything more to add,
please, let me know.


That was one of my questions that you have just answered. Thank you for
I am still not clear though on how to create campaigns – I could not find
any button- “create new campaign”. I presume that placing affiliate links
from the top of “promote” page is the way I promote other’s people’s
products and receive commissions. Am I right?

On another topic. Are going to re-consider Click2sell’ policy that product
gets in to Marketplace only after the first sale? I understand that your
network would expand much faster if you lift this restriction, although
you would have to forfeited some profits of “first sale” that might be
made by merchant himself in order to get into Marketplace.

Thank you for great business and kindest regards,

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